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Story Slam Workshop

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If you want to develop your story and prepare for a live event, join us for the next Story Slam workshop upstairs at The Whitaker Room in Drogheda's Barbican Centre Tuesday November 8th at 8pm.
Ask questions, try out a story, hear other ideas and more!
Email  or text/call 086 849 1391 


Story Slams are lively, welcoming events where all manner of true life storytellers share their lived experience to a live audience.

With only 5 - 7 minutes to wow the audience, storytellers must use their entertainment skills to bring listeners on a journey with them. 

Storytellers will take to the stage with no safety net. Using only their memory, true life tales will be regaled to the audience, strictly within the time limits.

All speakers are welcome, as long as your story is true!

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